Monday, March 21, 2011


TV5 next dramaserye offering is Mga Nagababagang Bulaklak. TV5 is making quality drama series, just like ABS-CBN 2. After Babaeng Hampaslupa, this show will really move and will bring tears it's viewer. It is being topbilled by Ruffa Gutierrez, Phillip Salvador, Richard Gomez, Sheryl Cruz, Valerie Concepcion, Carla Humphries, James Blanco, Jay Aquitania, Victor Basa, Allan Paule, Jean Saburit, Mel Martinez, Luningning, Milagring, Mariposa, Arci Munoz and Ritz Asul. It is directed by Jon Red and premieres on March 21 right after “Babaeng Hampaslupa.
 Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak

Female Cast: Arci Munoz, Ritz Asul, Ruffa Gutierrez, Valerie Concepcion, Carla Humpries

Scene form the series

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love mystery/thriller movies. It always make my mind work in thinking who could be... and Basic Instinct is one hell of a movie (for me at least). This erotic thriller film made controversies during it's release and received mixed reviews.
 Basic Instinct 
Starring: Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone

When a wealthy former rock star, Johnny Boz (Bill Cable), is brutally stabbed to death with an ice pick during sexual intercourse, homicide detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is sent to investigate. The only suspect is Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), a crime novelist who was the last person to be seen with Boz on the night he died. Nick and his partner, Gus Moran (George Dzunza), visit her Pacific Heights mansion; but they find only Catherine's lesbian lover, Roxy (Leilanie Sareille), who sends them to Catherine's Stinson Beach house, where they find her sitting in a deckchair by the ocean. When they ask about her relationship with Boz, she shows little remorse at hearing he is dead. Nick and Gus, along with their superiors, discover that Catherine has written a novel about a former rock star who was killed in the same way as Boz. During questioning at police headquarters, Catherine engages in provocative behavior, refusing to extinguish her cigarette and uncrossing her legs under her short skirt, revealing she isn't wearing underwear.
 Sharon Stone during police interview

Because he accidentally shot a pair of tourists in an earlier case (while high on cocaine), Nick attends counseling sessions with police psychologist Dr. Beth Garner (Jeanne Tripplehorn), with whom he has had an affair. After the interrogation, Nick goes to a bar with co-workers and is taunted by Lt. Marty Nilsen (Daniel von Barghen), an internal affairs investigator bent on making life difficult for Nick. When Beth Garner arrives, Nick leaves with her and at her apartment they engage in rough sex. Nick learns that Catherine's parents were killed when she was an adolescent, leaving her a fortune, that when she was majoring in psychology, her counselor at college was also murdered with an ice pick, and that Catherine's fiancé, a boxer, was killed in the ring. He also discovers that Catherine makes a habit of befriending murderers, including a woman who stabbed her husband and children for no apparent reason.
During a visit to her house, Catherine taunts Nick with information that should be confidential. As police psychologist, Beth is the only person with access to that information. When Nick confronts Beth, she admits that she handed his file to Nilsen, who threatened to discharge Nick if he couldn't evaluate Nick directly. An enraged Nick storms into Nilsen's office, assaults him, and accuses him of having sold Nick's file to Catherine. Nilsen then suspends Nick, who goes home, spending the evening drinking. Beth visits him, but after a heated argument, he throws her out. Later that night, Nilsen is found in his car, dead from a single gunshot to the head. Because of their recent altercation, Nick is the prime suspect.
A torrid affair between Nick and Catherine begins with the air of a cat-and-mouse game. Catherine explains that she will base her next novel's character - a cop falling for the wrong woman only to be killed by her - on Nick, while at the same time he declares his love for her and his unchanged intention to nail her for Boz's murder. A jealous Roxy tries to run Nick over with Catherine's car, but after a car chase she is killed in a crash. Her death reveals that she too had a murderous past. After Roxy's death, Catherine seems genuinely shocked, which makes Nick doubt her guilt.
 Jeanne Tripplehorn as Dr. Beth Garner

Catherine later reveals that a previous lesbian encounter at college went amiss when the girl became obsessed with her. Nick identifies the girl as Beth Garner who acknowledges the encounter, but claims it was Catherine that became obsessed. When he visits Catherine, she explains that she has finished her book, and coldly ends the affair. Upset, Nick meets Gus, who has arranged to meet with Catherine's college roommate at a hotel. As the suspended Nick waits in the car, Gus enters the hotel and is stabbed in the elevator by a hooded figure, in the way described in Catherine's new book. Nick figures out there is trouble brewing and runs into the building, but he arrives too late to save Gus from bleeding to death. Hearing the floor creak, Nick grabs Gus's gun and turns to find Beth standing in the hallway, explaining she received a message to meet Gus there. However, Nick suspects that she murdered Gus, and as Beth moves her hand in her pocket, he shoots her. With her final breath, Beth tells Nick that she loved him. A dejected Nick checks her pocket, only to find her keys. The police arrive, and in a staircase discover a blond wig, a SFPD raincoat, and an ice pick, the weapon used to murder Gus, concluding that Beth ditched the items when she heard Nick coming up. A search of Beth's apartment turns up the evidence needed to brand her as the killer of Boz, Gus, Nilsen, and presumably her own husband - the matching revolver, Catherine's novels, and photos chronicling the writer's life.
Nick returns to his apartment, where he is met by Catherine. She explains her reluctance to commit to him, but then the two make love. Afterward, the conversation turns toward their possible future as a couple. While talking, Nick turns his back on Catherine as she slowly reaches for something underneath the bed. She stops when Nick senses her stillness; he looks around with distrust in his eyes, and she throws her arms around him and the two resume making love as the camera slowly pans down to show what she was reaching for under the bed: an ice pick.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Jumanji is a 1995 American fantasy-comedy film about a supernatural board game that makes wild animals and other jungle hazards materialize upon each player's move. It was directed by Joe Johnston and is based on Chris Van Alburg's popular 1981 picture book of the same name.
 In 1869, two boys bury a chest near Brantford, New Hampshire. When one boy asks what will happen if someone unearths it, the other replies "May God have mercy on his soul." The sound of tribal drums is heard as the boys ride away.
A century later, in 1969, 12-year-old Alan Parrish (Hann-Byrd) flees on his bicycle from a gang of bullies, then runs into the shoe factory owned by his father, Sam (Hyde), where he meets his friend Carl Bentley (Grier), one of Sam's employees. When Alan accidentally damages a factory machine by clogging it up with a shoe that Carl designed, Carl takes the blame and loses his job. Outside the factory, after the bullies beat him up and steal his bike, Alan follows the sound of tribal drumbeats into a construction site and finds the buried chest, which contains a board game called "Jumanji".
Alan takes the game home and has an argument with Sam, who insists on sending him to boarding school. Alan prepares to run away from home, but his friend Sarah Whittle, who is the lead bully's girlfriend, arrives with Alan's bicycle. Alan and Sarah begin a game of Jumanji, which behaves strangely: When a player rolls the dice, the player's piece moves itself and a message appears on the board. When Alan makes his first move, a vortex sucks him into the board, trapping him in an unseen jungle. He will be freed when a player rolls a five or an eight, but Sarah abandons the game after being attacked by African bats.
Twenty-six years later, in 1995, Judy and Peter Shepherd (Dunst and Pierce) move into the Parrish house with their aunt Nora (Neuwirth) after the deaths of their parents in a car accident. They hear Jumanji's drumbeats and find the board game in the attic. When they begin playing, they are attacked by giant mosquitoes and crazed monkeys. The instructions say things will return to normal once the game is done, so they continue. Peter rolls a five, releasing both a lion and Alan (Williams), who is now an adult. Alan locks the lion in a bedroom, then goes to the shoe factory, which is now closed down. On the way, he meets Carl, who works unhappily as a police officer, and discovers that the town's economy has been devastated by the factory's closure. In the factory, a stranger tells Alan that Sam abandoned the business to search for him until his death.

When rolling the dice has no effect on the board, Alan realizes they are continuing the game he and Sarah started in 1969. The next move is Sarah's. They find Sarah (Hunt) at home, a reclusive outcast traumatized by the game and its aftermath. Alan tricks her into rejoining the game, and the following moves release man-eating vines, a hunter named Van Pelt (Hyde), a stampede of rhinos, elephants and zebras, and a pelican that steals the board. Increasingly relentless havoc ensues throughout the town. Among other things, Peter starts turning into a monkey after trying to cheat; Peter, Sarah and Judy battle Van Pelt in a local discount store; a monsoon floods the house; and an earthquake splits it in two. Finally, Alan wins the game just as Van Pelt is about to kill him. Van Pelt and the other jungle elements are sucked back into the board.
With the game over, Alan and Sarah find themselves as children in 1969 again, but they both remember the game. Alan admits his guilt for destroying Carl's shoe, Carl gets his job back, and Sam tells Alan he doesn't have to go to boarding school. Alan and Sarah then throw the Jumanji board into a river.

Twenty-six years later, Alan's and Sarah's knowledge of their experiences during the game has changed the future for the better: Alan and Sarah are married and expecting a child, Alan's parents are still alive, Alan has taken over the shoe business, and Carl still works there. When Judy, Peter, and their parents visit the Parrishes at a Christmas party, Alan and Sarah offer Judy and Peter's father a job in the shoe company.
Sometime later, two French-speaking girls hear drumbeats as they walk along a beach, where the Jumanji board is half buried in the sand.

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Starring: Melissa Ricks, Albert Martinez, Agot Isidro, Vina Morales, Mickey Ferriols, Christopher Roxas, Eric Fructuoso, Desiree del Valle, Joem Bascon

Elisa,  a beautiful and rich teenager and the eldest daughter of Mariano and Dana Altamira. One night, after Mariano's party, Elisa insisted her father to go out with her younger sister, Cristine and her cousins, Santi and Eduardo. They go to a local club where there is a party being held there. The three, except Elisa soon get drunk. When Dana and Vivian come to fetch them, they see that they are drunk and find out that Elisa is now missing. The investigators, Cristobal and Giselle investigate and they find a list of names of people who might have kidnapped Elisa, including her family members (aunts, uncles, cousins), her friends and classmates and went to the places where Elisa used to go to. Will they find where Elisa is? Who is the one who kidnapped Elisa? Will the mystery behind the disappearance of Elisa be revealed?


Wild Things is a 1998 erotic film starring Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards and Bill Murray. It was directed by John McNoughton. In some countries the film was released as Sex Crimes.

Sam Lombardo (Dillon) is a happy, sexually promiscuous high school guidance counselor in Blue Bay, Florida. That is, until the wealthy and popular Kelly Van Ryan (Richards) accuses him of raping her one day after she had washed his truck. When he gets back to work the next day word gets around school of the rumors and students throw a crudely drawn picture of Lombardo raping a young girl anally and pulling on her pigtails while doing so. Due to the Van Ryans' high social status and connections, Lombardo's career and life take a heavy toll. Lombardo hires unorthodox lawyer Kenneth Bowden (Murray), but is later incarcerated when a second student, unpopular, trailer trash Suzie Toller (Campbell), also accuses him of rape, with several factors matching Kelly's description of Lombardo's assault.
Lombardo is put on trial, where Bowden badgers Suzie, who admits that she and Kelly had made the whole thing up to get revenge on Lombardo. The Van Ryans are humiliated by the scandal, and Lombardo and Bowden negotiate a hefty settlement: 8.5 million dollars. Lombardo leaves town to retire after this, and encounters Kelly and Suzie at his hotel. It turns out that the three of them had been working together the entire time, and planned to split the money. To celebrate the money they have a threesome.
However, police Detective Ray Duquette (Bacon) becomes suspicious and begins investigating further. Suzie becomes increasingly nervous, and Lombardo and Kelly begin to worry that she will undermine the plan. Suzie and Kelly fight in the Van Ryan pool, where Kelly nearly drowns Suzie before the two make love. But then Lombardo and Kelly take Suzie down to the ocean, where Lombardo appears to murder Suzie with a wine bottle. Her blood and teeth are later found by the ocean by Duquette, who realizes that Lombardo must have killed Suzie, and goes to Kelly's to protect her. But when he arrives, she appears to attack him, shooting him in the arm, leaving him no choice but to kill her in self-defense. No charges are filed against Duquette, but he is discharged from the police force as a consequence of Kelly's death.
Later, while Lombardo is staying at a tropical resort, he finds Duquette in his shower. It turns out that the two of them had been working together the entire time. Although Lombardo is not pleased that Duquette killed Kelly insteading of framing her as originally planned, Duquette insists that it leaves fewer loose ends. The two drink a toast to "no loose ends", and agree to go fishing on Lombardo's sailboat the following day.
While on the boat far out to sea, Lombardo knocks Duquette overboard, but he soon climbs back aboard and attacks Lombardo. However, he is shot in the leg with a spear. The shooter is Suzie, who is still alive and has altered her appearance, as she had been hiding aboard the boat. When Duquette begs Lombardo to save him, Lombardo responds that Duquette should not have killed Kelly. Suzie fatally shoots and kills Duquette for killing Kelly and her friend, Davie, years before.
Suzie then poisons Lombardo, enabling her to take all the money.
It is revealed, through a series of flashbacks shown in the end credits, that Suzie had planned the whole thing in order to get all the money and not just a third (as well as the aforementioned revenge on Duquette) and that she has a very high IQ. As for Kelly's death, she had not attacked Duquette. Duquette had shot her twice in the chest and she died immediately, and then shot himself in the arm, so as to make it look like Kelly had shot him, and that he had to return fire in self defense.
In the final scene, Bowden meets Suzie at the tropical resort, and gives her most of the money (minus his "usual fee"). As she departs, he calls after her to "be good".

Thursday, March 3, 2011

TODAY IN HISTORY: Sheena Easton Made Music History (1985)

The controversial Prince-penned song "Sugar Walls" reaches #9 on Billboard magazine's R&B Singles chart on March 2, 1985, and makes Sheena Easton the first and still only recording artist to score top-10 singles on all five major Billboard singles charts: Pop, Country, Dance, Adult Contemporary and R&B.

To be fair, this same feat might have been achieved by Elvis Presley had the Dance chart existed during his heyday. But that is not to take anything away from Easton, who in her journey from the sweet and innocent "Morning Train (9 to 5)" to the salacious "Sugar Walls" accomplished a degree of crossover success that even such notorious musical shape-shifters as Madonna, Cher and Olivia Newton-John never matched. And it is also fair to point out Elvis Presley never matched Sheena Easton's additional feat of squeezing in a Grammy for Best Mexican-American Performance (for 1985's "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres"). For the record, the hits that helped Sheena Easton achieve her five-way Billboard record were, in order of release: the aforementioned 1981 Pop and Adult Contemporary hit "Morning Train (9 to 5)"; the 1983 Dance hit "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)"; the 1983 Country hit "We've Got Tonight" (a duet with Kenny Rogers); and the infamous 1985 R&B hit "Sugar Walls."
"Sugar Walls" also appeared on a very different chart in 1985: The so-called "Filthy 15" chart of the most objectionably dirty popular songs in existence, as chosen by Tipper Gore and her Parents Music Resource Council. The PMRC found the song's unsubtle metaphors objectionable enough to give "Sugar Walls" the #2 spot on the Filthy 15, second only to Prince's even less subtle "Darling Nikki." In the eyes of the diverse fellow-musicians who heaped their scorn upon the PMRC (e.g., Frank Zappa, Dee Snider, Ice-T, Metallica, Sonic Youth), it is quite possible that this accomplishment earned Sheena Easton even more musical street cred than the chart record she set on this day in 1985.